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Install a fast-flow Topaz valve and restore water levels in troughs 10 times faster than a conventional ball valve. It is ideal for use in troughs sited in popular drinking areas.

Assuming good water pressure of 5-100 psi, the design of the Topaz valve allows water into the trough at up to 200 litres/minute – a much increased flow rate compared to conventional brass ball valves.

Instead of gradually reducing the flow rate as the water level rises, a Topaz valve is either fully open or fully closed. So it is more efficient at maintaining water levels at peak drinking times. In fact, a standard tip-over trough with a capacity of 120 litres takes just 40 seconds to fill through a Topaz trough valve due to the full bore design and superior flow rate.

The durable construction of the Topaz trough valve also helps prevent flow restriction occurring from a build-up of mineral deposits.

Key features 

  • High flow – 200 litres/min
  • Of non-corrosive construction
  • Easy to fit
  • Variety of installation options (above and below water)
  • Built-in filter
  • Lock-off switch
  • Easy to service
  • Operating pressure: 5-100psi

Cows in-milk need to drink at least 100 litres of water per day, and more in hot weather. It’s not only inefficient, but it may also stress animals if they have to wait to drink at a trough that cannot maintain its water level. Also, if the trough is sited near the exit of the milking parlour, this can affect cow flow.

Tipping troughs are becoming popular as they are easy to clean, and this helps ensure a supply of clean drinking water.  The shut-off mechanism feature on the Topaz valve allows easy isolation of the trough’s water supply, to further aid thorough cleaning.

Instead of buying a bigger trough to compensate for a slow-filling ball valve, which can be costly and take up valuable space, a much more economical solution is to fit a Topaz valve.

Jobe Topaz trough valve showing fast flow of water



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