Additional Information

Keep your forearms warm, dry and protected.

  • Fits ‘snug’ around the wrist and stops water getting underneath cuff.
  • Made of 3mm strong pad neoprene.

Usage Instructions

  • Simply pull on your Dry cuffs.
  • When removing, peel down from elbow towards wrist to prevent any damage to wrist.

Care Instructions

  • Hand wash in water below 45°C
  • If needed, wash them in a little mild dishwashing liquid or neutral laundry detergent
  • Hang or lay flat to dry, out of direct sunlight and heat
  • DO NOT tumble dry, dry clean or use any other machine that uses excessive heat.
  • DO NOT wash them with any chemicals/bleach as it will perish the neoprene.

Size Chart

Wrist (cm) Forearm (cm) Length (cm)
Small 15 26.5 25
Medium 16.2 27.5 25.5
Large 18 29 26
X Large 19 31 26.5
XX Large 20 33 26.5

Dry Cuffs History

Janita Numa’s father repairs wetsuits and he made cuffs for Cray Fishermen to stop their arms getting scratched when they get the crayfish out of the pots and she saw a pair and thought that there has to be further uses for them and that was the start of Dry Cuffs in the middle of 2015. Janita’s friends who are dairy farmers saw them and thought they’d be great to milk in and, of course, they were right and the rest is history! Dry Cuffs were then approached by Farmlands in New Zealand who had heard about them and wanted to stock them – so now they are in all of their 85 stores throughout New Zealand.

All the Dry Cuffs are manufactured in New Zealand by Dry Cuffs themselves as they want to know that the quality is perfect.

Dry Cuffs Testimonials

Absolutely love mine! Wear them before I would wear milking sleeves. I wear mine both morning and afternoon and also wear them picking up calves in spring. They protect your arms from everything! Would never go back to milking sleeves. 

— Gemma based in Waimate, New Zealand


Attention all DAIRY FARMERS!!! Dry Cuffs!! Can we just say how amazing this product is!! So comfortable that you don’t even notice that you are wearing them! The protection they provide also is great for jumpy heifers. They keep your dry and clean and stop the irritation from the oils in the cows skin. After wearing sleeves for so long and now trying these I am hooked! Definitely recommend. Thanks Dry Cuffs

— Coral based in Christchurch, New Zealand


Hands down the best milking sleeve out there warm comfortable dry and protects your arms from dew claw scratches! Best by far and don’t slip down. Our vets came and teat sealed our heifers yesterday and were interested in knowing more also. Thanks again guys awesome product!

— Ryan based in Hamilton, New Zealand


We can’t speak highly enough about our Dry Cuffs, they are fantastic!!  They fit perfectly, are comfortable and best of all protect our arms.  They give us a sense of security especially when brush cutting and working in dense bush areas where our arms get badly scratched.  We thank you for your innovative product and your outstanding customer service.

— Grant and Pam based in Whangarei, New Zealand

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