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Additional Information

The Trusti Pasteur Pro is designed for use with Trusti Colostrum Bags: it provides an easy-to-use programmable and automatic method of pasteurising colostrum. High precision thermometers ensure water is heated accurately to the required 60C. This ensures the precious antibodies within the colostrum are not damaged by heat, yet harmful bacteria are killed.

The unit features a cooling function for quickly reducing the temperature of the pasteurised colostrum. So it can be cooled down for ‘safe’ feeding to the young calf. Alternatively, it can be cooled down further for storage.

In addition, a preheating program allows water to be held at 50C in the well-insulated unit. This enables the thawing of frozen colostrum to be quicker. So the new-born calf can receive its first feed sooner.

The Trusti Pasteur Pro has been developed by New Zealand company Antahi which specialises in calf rearing equipment. The unit is supplied as part of a complete system for not only the pasteurisation and thawing of colostrum, but also the administration of colostrum to the calf. Two feeding options are included which can be attached to the Trusti Colostrum Bag – the Trusti Tuber and a teat.

Summary of key features:

  • Precise (safe and effective) pasteurisation of colostrum
  • Cooling function to cool colostrum for safe feeding to calf or for storage
  • Pre-heating program allows quick thawing of colostrum (enabling faster delivery to calf)
  • Program instructions available in multiple languages
  • Seven programming options available
  • Quick programme selection and start
  • Speaker (in the set language) announces key parts of the process
  • LED lights on control panel – colours change with water temperature
  • Temperature graphs provide real-time display
  • Constant circulation of water for fast heating and uniform temperature
  • Large capacity – up to 8 litres of colostrum can be thawed or pasteurised at a time
  • When plumbed in, the water filling is automatic
  • Fixed plumbing is not necessary, manual filling can be done
  • Water bath’s thermometers have high temperature precision
  • Highly insulated tub provides power efficiency and temperature uniformity

Supplied with the Trusti Pasteur Pro pasteurising unit: 

1 x Colostrum Bag Metal Support Frame – this ensures good flow of warming or cooling water around the colostrum bag,

3 x 4ltr and 3 x 2ltr Trusti Colostrum Bags

1 x Trusti Tuber Mouthpiece, Tube and Cap for connection to colostrum bag

1 x Teat on Cap for connection to colostrum bag

A Quick Setup guide

Water Drainage Tube and Quick Connector

1 x Marker Pen to record the dam’s details and dates onto the colostrum bags

1 x Cleaning Brush to allow thorough cleaning of the colostrum bags which are re-usable


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